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Bulk Cooking with Whole Foods

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Chicken Breast

Once A Term Cooking aims to equip you with recipes and strategies to provide healthy bulk meals for your family.

Once a Term Cooking came about due to need. I am a mother of three young children, I have a chronic health condition, my husband works away, and I am a teacher. I was finding that by the time dinner time rolled around each day I was too ill and fatigued to plan dinner, cook it, look after the kids, tidy the house and prepare for the following day.  We were eating more and more takeaway, eggs on toast, and pasta which then made me more ill, and the cycle would continue. I had to change something, and dinner was my biggest struggle. 

 I decided to apply my planning skills as a teacher to our meals and Once a Term Cooking was born. I now spend two and a half days every term cooking and prepping all of the main meals, some lunches and snacks, and a heap of smoothie bags and then simply prepare the fresh portion of each meal in the evenings. This approach has saved us time, money, dishes, and most importantly, my health. 

This website is all about helping you gain the skills, develop your ideas, and inspire you to create simple and healthy meals for yourself and your family. Bulk cooking and menu planning will look different for each family. All of my recipes are modifiable and frequently asked questions are answered on the blog page. Please spend some time exploring the site and thank you for your support!


Happy Cooking!


Please note that I am currently developing this website. It's a slow and steady process!

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